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National Safety Month Week 1 – Avoid Falling at Work

While safety is a topic that requires attention and focus every day and every second, National Safety Month in June is an ideal time to rally employees around a theme. By holding safety meetings with every member of your organization, you are placing emphasis on the importance of on and off the job safety. The theme...
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Safety Jackpot Makes Everyone a Winner!

Reprint from Compliance Magazine–

"Safety Jackpot" Makes Everyone a Winner!

Companies tell how their training and incentive successfully improved workplace safety. Encouraging workplace safety is no longer a gamble for Tom Lengyel, health and safety supervisor at Trans-End Technology Ashtabula, Ohio. Before Jan.1, 1994, accidents at the Union Carbide subsidiary were at an all-time high and...
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Lemon Juice or Lemonade?

Reprint from Occupational and Health & Safety Magazine–

Lemon Juice or Lemonade?

In order to justify and run a truly successful safety incentive program, you must run the numbers. By Buck Peavey
"What do you mean, I have to figure out the cost of the lemons and paper cups before I open my lemonade...
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Don’t Reward the Safety Cover-Up

Reprint from Occupational Health & Safety Magazine

Don't Reward The Safety Cover-up

Use your incentive program to encourage workers to report accidents and unsafe practices. By Buck Peavey
It was Thursday, 3:50 p.m. Will Hudson was cleaning up his work area and putting away tools in the warehouse, preoccupied with thoughts of returning home...
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