…thank you and your
staff for the tremendous success of our Safety Jackpot safety incentive program. We have seen an astonishing 40% reduction in Worker's Compensation

Dannette Brennan
Human Resources
Churchill Downs, Inc.

Safety Jackpot - The Proven-effective Employee Safety Incentive Program.


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DHL, DoubleTree Hotel, ExxonMobil, Keebler, Coca-Cola and Georgia-Pacific are some of the many success stories!

The Employee Safety Incentive Program that's Proven Effective.
It works, so your employees can work — Safely.

Whether you're a multi-national corporation developing a comprehensive worker safety incentive program or a small shop looking for a simple, affordable and effective workplace safety incentive program, union or non-union, Safety Jackpot is the safety incentive program proven effective.

Delivering an average accident reduction of 61.9%, it's not uncommon to receive a ten-fold return on your investment with Safety Jackpot. “Rub out accidents” with Safety Incentive Programs built around scratch-off games that achieve serious workplace safety improvement results.

Safety Jackpot is vastly different from other safety incentive programs because it takes a fun, attention-getting, game-based approach that provides frequent rewards for accident reduction and prevention behavior.

The result is a dramatic reduction in workplace accidents, reducing workers compensation claims throughout your company — worldwide.

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Safety Jackpot
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